Our Story

Our Story

Natalie’s journey with metal smithing began in 2016 when she enrolled in the Jewellery Art and Design program at Vancouver Community College. Since childhood she had always been drawn to the sparkle and glamour of rings and adornment, and at the age of five, one of the very first gifts she requested from her parents was a ring. And much to her elation, she received the most divine ring that her five year old eyes had ever seen. Adjustable in size and one dazzling pink cubic zirconium, this ring was perfect!

Throughout her childhood and adolescence, receiving the gift of jewellery was always thrilling for Natalie, as these items would mark special occasions or milestones in her life. The thought of being able to create jewellery did not materialize until a few years after high school. During this time she worked in a department store and in new construction cleaning. This was obviously not her calling in life, and when she discovered the jewellery program at V.C.C, it clicked!

In the following two years she learned the skills of being a bench jeweller as well as the basics of gemmology. She fell in love the gratifying feeling that creating a shining piece of jewellery gave her. Following her schooling she was employed by a local goldsmiths and furthered her knowledge by gaining experience in sales, and training along side the goldsmiths to learn how to repair jewellery as well.

In 2023 it was time to take the leap and start her own business. This was the beginning of Natalie Angela Jewellery. Natalie’s dream is to have others experience the same joy she felt when receiving a piece of jewellery, when they wear one her creations. Jewellery can be more than just adornment. It is a symbol of a declaration of love, a memory of a loved one, or a marker of a milestone in one’s life. And when we get to wear these pieces we get to carry a piece of our story with us through our days. We can look at it and be reminded of the joy we carry within ourselves.

Thank you for stopping by our online store. Your support of a small Canadian business means so much.

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